A Word from Lisa's Customers 

Lisa's Hair Salon


I have gone to Moda Lisa ever since I can remember, but when I went away to college I decided to dye my hair with help of a few friends. Well as you can imagine it was a disaster. I tried to go to a salon at school but they didn’t do very much. I had to come home and thank goodness Lisa fixed my hair. Thank you , thank you Lisa , I’ll never go to anyone else!

Laura Umiomen



I have been going to Lisa Herman for hair care for the last 20 years and she and I have become good friends. She is an amazing hair stylist and knows her customer's needs. She is very flexible with her schedule and "fits" me in whenever I ask. She is good about staying on time with her appointments. She takes pride in her shop and it's appearance. Stop by and see for yourself!

Dorene Orbaker